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Collaborative lawyer
Accredited mediator FBC

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  • 2021: accredited mediator in family matters

  • 2020: collaborative lawyer OVB

  • 2019: CEDR-accredited negotiator (Center for Effective Dispute Resolution, London)

  • 2018: “Negotiation: dealing with difficult people and problems”, certified Harvard Law School (Harvard-Boston)

  • 2018: training Collaborative Practice (VvCP (NL))

  • 2013: “Negotiation & mediating disputes”, certified Harvard Law School (Harvard-Boston)

  • 2006: accredited mediator in civil & commercial, and social matters (FBC, AIA, bMediation)

  • 1980: member of the Antwerp Bar

  • 1979: “Master of Laws” from the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), cum laude


  • 2004-2019: member of the ADR Committee (Order of Flemish Bars)

  • 2017-2019: chair of the ADR Committee (Antwerp Bar)

  • 2013-2019: permanent member of the Special Committee on Social Matters of the Federal Mediation Commission (FBC)

  • 2009-2013: permanent member of the Special Commission for Civil and Commercial Matters of the Federal Mediation Commission (FBC)

  • 2004-2011: chair of the Alternative Dispute Regulation Committee (Antwerp Bar)


  • 2017-2021: practice assistant negotiation & mediation at the University of Antwerp (UA)

  • 2016-2021: lecturer “Master Class: Conflict Negotiation for Professionals” (Agrementor)

  • 2014-2021: lecturer “Master Class: Value creation in the solution of technical conflicts” (Agrementor)

  • 2012-present: lecturer "International Economic Negotiation and Dispute Resolution", Brussels Diplomatic Academy (VUB)

  • 2009-2017: trainer of five-day “Practical Training in European Mediation” (AIA)


  • 2021: Lemma "Mediation" in Permanent Handbook Court Experts (Wolters Kluwer, 68 pages)

  • 2021: "Mediation, article 1723/1 - 1737 Judicial Code" in Article-by-Article Commentary Judicial Code (Wolters Kluwer)

  • 2019: contribution “Collaborative Negotiation” in L. DEMEYERE and S. RUTTEN (eds.) Conflict settlement outside the court (Intersentia, 2019, p.161-241)

  • 2018: article “Collaborative Negotiations regulated by law” in the Dutch-Flemish Journal for Mediation and Conflict Management (2018/4, 67)

  • 2018: book "Practical Guide to Mediation" (second edition) (Wolters Kluwer, 384 pages)

  • 2018: "Collaborative Negotiations (Article 1738-1747 Judicial Code)" in Article-by-Article Commentary Judicial Code (Wolters Kluwer)

  • 2016: book “Practical Guide to Mediation” (Wolters Kluwer, 308 pages)

  • 2012: "The function of party experts and party counsel in civil and commercial mediation" in P. Billiet (ed.) European Mediation Training For Practitioners of Justice, 2012, pg 212-241


Willem also has numerous publications to his name on commercial law, negotiation and mediation.


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